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Books I Wanted To Read In 2020 But Didn't Get To

There were many great books released in 2020, and I didn't get to all of them, which was really disappointing as some of those that I missed were from my favourite authors. Hopefully, I will get to these ten this year, but we will see. So let's see the books...

1. Grief Angels by David Owen

I have loved many David Owen's books, and I was really looking forward to his new book that released in 2020, but I didn't really get to it. Being a pandemic, my mental health has been quite rocky this whole time so when I feel like I am in a good state of mind to read about grief, I will definitely pick this one up! 

2. Boy Queen by George Lester

I have been following George online for a couple of years and watched his writing vlogs when he was writing this book. This made me really excited to get to this one, but it just didn't happen. This book follows Robin, who discovers drag culture, and I am sure it will be great when I finally get to it!

3. You Don't Live Here by Robyn Schneider

I really do like the last three books that Robyn Schneider has released, so I was really excited to read her next book, but I just didn't get to it which I was really disappointed about. I don't really know much about it apart from it having a bisexual character, but it's Robyn Schneider, so I am sure that I will love it when I finally get to it!

4. The Reckless Afterlife of Harriet Stoker by Lauren James

I have loved Lauren James's books, and I really wanted to read The Reckless Afterlife Of Harriet Stoker as I wanted to read more outside my original genre. Although I didn't get to it in 2020, I am eager to read it this year as I wanted to read more of antihero characters and find a new favourite by Lauren James. 

5. The Pieces of Ourselves by Maggie Harcourt

Again, like the others on the list, I love all of Maggie Harcourt's books, and this one was right up my street. It has some historical elements and a focus on mental health, so I was so excited, but I didn't get to it again. I have put this on my Popsugar Reading Challenge, so hopefully, I finally have a chance to read it. 

6. Early Departures by Jason A. Reynolds

I thought that the Opposite Of Always was one of the most interesting books that I read in 2021 and when I discovered that Jason a. Reynolds had a new book out, I was so excited that I preordered the book even though it is published in the UK this year. I was really excited to find out how he made the book unique and interesting so like the rest of them, hopefully, I get to this one soon. 

7. Full Disclosure by Camryn Garrett

Full Disclosure was a book that everyone was talking about last year, and although I had a copy and was going to pick up on multiple occasions, the time was never there. I was really interested in the HIV plot, and the fact that it was queer so wanted to get to it. I also have this as part of my Popsugar Challenge so fully it will be read then.

8. Eight Pieces of Silva by Patrice Lawrence

I read Orangeboy when it first came out and read the World Book Day, Snap a couple of days ago which made me really want to read this. I think that Patrice Lawrence can write thriller scenes really well and this is a full-blown thriller, so I want to see if I love it. I will hopefully get to this one soon!

9. Every Little Piece Of My Heart by Non Pratt

I had read so many of Non Pratt's books and was so excited when she was releasing a new one in 2020, and I bought it as soon as I can, but it has been unread on my shelf. Again I think this has some thrilling elements, so I am ready to read it as I am sure that it will be great!

10. Pet by Akwaeke Emezi 

Akwaeke Emezi has been an author that everyone on the internet has been talking about over the past year, and after I got Pet in a subscription box, I have been eager to read it. I keep looking over at Pet on multiple occasions thinking I would pick it up, but it never happened. Hopefully, I will get to it soon!

Did you have any books that you wanted to read but didn't get to? Let me know in the comments!

See you soon, 



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