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Book Review: The Boy I Am by K.L. Kettle

   * I am reviewing this book which I was gifted for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. * Title: The Boy I Am Author: K. L. Kettle Publisher: Little Tiger Books Source: From NetGalley/Wildest Dreams Book Box ( Bookshop UK |  Hive |  Goodreads  |  Storygraph ) Book Summary: They say we’re dangerous. But we’re not that different. Jude is running out of time. Once a year, lucky young men in the House of Boys are auctioned to the female elite. But if Jude fails to be selected before he turns seventeen, a future deep underground in the mines awaits. Yet ever since the death of his best friend at the hands of the all-powerful Chancellor, Jude has been desperate to escape the path set out for him. Finding himself entangled in a plot to assassinate the Chancellor, he finally has a chance to avenge his friend and win his freedom. But at what price? A speculative YA thriller, tackling themes of traditional gender roles and power dynamics, for fans

Writing A Poem Every Day & Bad Writing

  So as you may know if you read my blog recently, I have been writing a poem every day for Escapril. This is also my third year doing it and as a result, I have learnt a couple of things. Namely: not all of the writing will be good. I will write bad poems. I have written bad poems. One of these is because I am doing Escapril in the middle of life. I'm working. I'm producing blog posts. I am looking for other work. This poetry is not my life. I have seen a lot of people say they are spending ages editing their poems and they are writing more than one. I'm barely editing it twice. Once on the paper, I write it on and another when I put it in Canva. I also know that there are spellings errors on my posts because Grammarly stopped working for a couple of days. But for me. This wasn't the point. Over the last year, I have been writing a lot. Yes, I am writing these blog posts but poetry? I kind of neglect it. I only write it if I have an idea and these are very rare. So for

Book Review: Rules For Vanishing by Kate Alice Marshall

  * I am reviewing this book which I was gifted for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. * Title: Rules For Vanishing Author: Kate Alice Marshall Publisher: Walker Books Source: From Publisher ( Bookshop UK |  Hive |  Goodreads  |  Storygraph ) Book Summary: Do you want to play the game? Once a year, a road appears in the woods at midnight and the ghost of Lucy Gallows beckons, inviting those who are brave enough to play her game. If you win, you escape with your life. But if you lose... It's almost a year since Becca went missing. Everyone else has given up searching for her, but her sister, Sara, knows she disappeared while looking for Lucy Gallows. Determined to find her, Sara and her closest friends enter the woods. But something more sinister than ghosts lurks on the road, and not everyone will survive. Stranger Things  meets  The Blair Witch Project  in this gripping ghost thriller, perfect for fans of Michelle Harrison, Lauren Ja

Book Review: Three Things I Know Are True by Betty Culley

  * I am reviewing this book which I was gifted for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. * Title: Three Things I Know Are True  Author:  Betty Culley Publisher: Harper360 Source: From Publisher ( Bookshop UK |  Hive |  Goodreads  |  Storygraph ) Book Summary: This moving debut novel in verse about a teenage girl dealing with the aftermath of an accident that nearly takes her brother’s life is a stunning exploration of grief and the power of forgiveness. The reminder is always there—a dent on the right side of Jonah’s forehead. The spot you’d press when you felt a headache coming on. The bullet tore away bone, the way dynamite blasts rock—leaving a soft crater. Life changes forever for Liv when her older brother, Jonah, accidentally shoots himself with his best friend Clay’s father’s gun. Now Jonah needs round-the-clock care just to stay alive, and Liv seems to be the only person who can see that her brother is still there inside his broken

Writers Block

With blogging and writing, I am normally quite good with coming up with ideas to talk about, but recently this has not been the case. I keep thinking that I am through and worst of it but at the same time it seems like I have only go on a week to week basis. The reviews are always coming but in the wake of doing weekly content for the majority of the year so far, the inspiration pool has become dry. Although I have ideas for stories and creative writing, with my blog content, I always want to talk about something that I care about. Whether that be something personal or an issue that I see in the wider community, but for some reason, this has become increasingly hard. I would be lying if I said that at the current moment I was involved in the book community and the ideas that are floating around so I don't feel like I can comment on any issues. Although I do want to say that the Anti-Asian and Antisemitism conversations with Jay Kristoff and Emily Duncan are not authors that I wi

Reading and My Mental Health

I have spoken a lot about my mental health in various ways on the blog but often I don't mention how it impacts my reading but today is the day. This topic has been on my mind recently because my mental health hasn't been the best recently and I have no desire to read at all. This is quite annoying to me because I obviously enjoy reading. At the moment, I am reading a lot of books that are so good but due to my mental state, I don't want to finish them. I am afraid that due to my poor mental health will hinder my enjoyment and I will associate it with it. The books lay unread and I get disappointed at myself for not reading. I see my Goodreads stay at the same number and I get disappointed in myself. The cycle continues. When my mental health is bad I often get little sleep as well which again affects everything. I tend to read more at night and when I am tired I don't want to read even though it helps me sleep. I also don't want to read it because I am afraid of no

Book Review: The Girls I've Been by Tess Sharpe

  * I am reviewing this book which I was gifted for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. * Title: The Girls I've Been  Author:  Tess Sharpe Publisher: Hodder Children's Books Source: Netgalley ( Bookshop UK |  Hive |  Goodreads  |  Storygraph ) Book Summary: A deliciously commercial YA page-turner about the daughter of a con artist who is taken hostage in a bank heist. Nora O'Malley is a lot of things. A sister. An ex. A secret girlfriend. Kind of crooked, but reformed... somewhat. Nora O'Malley's been a lot of girls. As the daughter of a con-artist who targets criminal men, she grew up her mother's protege. But when mom fell for the mark instead of conning him, Nora pulled the ultimate con: escape. For five years she's been playing at normal. But she needs to dust off the skills she ditched because she has three problems: #1: her ex walked in on her with her girlfriend. Even though they've all been inseparab

Escapril 2021

So last year, I decided to post all of my Escapril poem on my blog after wanting to do so in the previous year. This year, I will be doing the same so feel free to check back on this post or follow me on Instagram to see my post (hopefully) every day!  Day One: Ego  Sometimes I find myself in the clouds. Like a balloon, Unbridled, untouchable, unreachable. Slowly, Floating, Drifting. Being pulled into space. Going up, up, up. But something happens. Maybe a miracle, Maybe a sign, Maybe something more simple. The air goes out. I go down, down, down. Until I look around. See who's there. Once again I am still. I am here. I am rooted to the solid ground. Day 2: the exact middle When I was younger, Everyone told me that I could be great. That I could escape the town that I lived in. That I could be a dreamer. That I could be better. That I could be different. When I was younger I believed that. I would go to university. I would be free. I would be able to succeed. But something changed