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Favourite Graphic Novels and Manga of 2020

I have read a lot of good books this year. I think it is safe to say, and because of this, I have decided to split my favourite's list into two. This is the first of those two lists, and it is about my favourite graphic novels! I love to read graphic novels, and I read so many across the year, although it is not an area that I talk about on my blog. I love the way that writers can make readers connections with characters with so little dialogue and of course, the beautiful illustrations. Graphic novels are great OK, but I get they are not for everyone. Anyway here are my favourites...  This One Summer by Mariko Tamaki As I have mentioned before, I am a massive fan of quiet books, especially those set in the summer, which obviously fits both boxes. I feel like a lot of this was that I loved the vibes and the illustrations and the friendship between the two main characters. It is your perfect coming of age graphic novel, and I can't wait to read more from Mariko Tamaki in the fut

Popsugar Reading Challenge 2020 Wrap Up

Since the Popsugar Reading Challenge started in 2015, I have taken part every year, and 2020 was no exception. I have never completed the challenge fully, but I really wanted to try to complete it due to the year it has been. The use of the Facebook page has also been so great as I can see the other participants' progress, and it made me more motivated. As you will see, I have given it a good go and I have come so close. I had the last three books in my grasp and have been reading them (I am listening to one right now) I just have been in a couple of difficult situations in December, so I didn't feel the draw to read. I have read many books this year, mostly outside the prompts but around 47 (or 48 if I can read it by tomorrow) that complete the challenge. So let's see what books I read...  A book that's published in 2020: Heartstopper Volume 3 by Alice Oseman  A book by a trans or nonbinary author: The Bright Side Volume 1 Dee & Em by A. Francis  A book with a grea

Disappointing Reads for 2020 (Mini Reviews)

Although this year has not been the best for everyone, I think the books I have read this year have been rather good but like everything you get some disappointments. I know there have been discussions around disappointing books and I know it has been a crappy year, but a lot of these are books I received for review, and I wanted to be as honest as I can. Reviews are for readers and not for authors, and they should be honest so people can know if these books are for them. I have also tried to find some positives in everything I read, and I hope my comments reflect this. I have also read so much this year, 222 books and only 5 books are on this list, so make sure what you will. I think I only have about 5 that was "disappointing" to be on this list so let's get started...  1. The Island by M. A. Bennett So I have been a massive fan of M. A. Bennett's STAG series, so I was quite excited to read this book. Despite negative reviews, I was still going in with an open mind

My Virtual Bookshelves

There is a lot of discussion in the book community around bookshelves, and often the discussion is around physical books bit e-books are forgotten in it. The main idea that many readers agree with us that physical books are superior to ebooks. Up until a couple of years ago, I was the same, but this had changed. I saw myself being drawn to e-books because I wanted to clean my Netgalley TBR. OK, this did not happen, but I did find myself drawn to them. This is because I really do a lot of reading at might and as the kindle has a light in it, I can read with the light off. Also, I get really tired at night, and I think I can do more of it by reading on my kindle.  I think it is also a way of keeping all of my books together when I don't want it to take space on my shelf, but I don't want to get rid of it completely. Don't get me wrong, I love a good physical book, and I think for some reading experiences, I want that experience, but I do like the virtual one for others. This

Book Review: The Friar's Lantern by Greg Hickey

* I am reviewing this book which I was gifted for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. * Title: The Frair's Lantern Author: Greg Hickey Publisher: Black Rose Writing  Source: From Author ( Bookshop UK |  Hive |  Goodreads ) Book Summary: You may win $1,000,000. You will judge a man of murder. An eccentric scientist tells you he can read your mind and offers to prove it in a high-stakes wager. A respected college professor exacts impassioned, heat-of-the-moment revenge on his wife’s killer—a week after her death—and you’re on the jury. Take a Turing test with a twist, discover how your future choices might influence the past, and try your luck at Three Card Monte. And while you weigh chance, superstition, destiny, intuition and logic in making your decisions, ask yourself: are you responsible for your actions at all? Choose wisely—if you can. Book Review: When I got a request for The Friar's Lantern, I was interested in picking it up as

Now What?

Eight days ago, two months after originally planned, I handed in my Research Project (my dissertation). I left university for the final time, my MA almost in the grasping distance. No plans. No nothing. Just me and my dreams.  But all I can think is: now what? And then my head explodes. Metaphoric, of course. Because according to every single piece of fiction in the world, I should know what I want to do with my life. But I don't have a clue. Well, this is a massive lie. I do know what I want to do, but it's a pipe dream. A pipe dream that I so badly want to be a reality because I love writing so much, but I know how much work it takes and how impossible it really is. Fiction also tells me that this will come true, but my brain tells me to be realistic. To find a job that is stable and reliable which I already have. But I just want to do something that I love and searching for endless job websites I can't find this one thing. I can't make up my mind. But I have to think

Announcement: 12 (or so) Days of Blogmas

After last year, when I decided to bring back Blogmas, I wanted to do it again as it is safe to say that I was doing so well with the blog earlier in the year, but recently, well, I've been lacking. Also, it's that time of the year for wrap-ups and favourite books I wanted to share. As per usual, there is quite a lot, and I want to write and hype my favourite books of the year as I don't do that much any more and I should because a lot f them are underhyped.  I think that this year has not been the one for anyone. It is safe to say that I have been swamped this year balancing university and work so blogging kind of went to the wayside and let's just say now I'm back. Hopefully! (I will say more tomorrow.) Due to the changes that have happened this year in my life and the world, I have a lot of thoughts in my brain that I want to get out and so many ideas that I want to write about that have just stayed in my drafts. This is the opportunity to do all of the ideas so

Blog Tour: Brand New Boy by David Almond

  * I am reviewing this book which I was gifted for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review for part of a blog tour. All thoughts are my own. * Title: Brand New Boy Author: David Almond Publisher: Walker Books Source: From Publisher ( Bookshop UK |  Hive |  Goodreads ) Book Summary: A warm and thought-provoking tale from a master storyteller, winner of the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Award and author of the Carnegie Medal-winning Skellig. “Mam, did you think George was,” I say, “a bit … weird?” “Weird? Yes, I suppose so. But you kids are all a bit weird if you ask me. And to tell the truth, it’d be weird if you weren’t.” When a new boy joins the class, everyone thinks he’s a bit strange, but he’s brilliant at football and loves crisps, and that’s all that matters to Dan and Maxie. However, the truth about George is stranger than anyone could have imagined ... and more sinister, too. Can his new pals help him to become truly free? Book Review: Even though I am n