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Book Review: Easy Prey by Catherine Lo

*I am reviewing these books which I was gifted for free by Abrams & Chronicle in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. * Title: Easy Prey Author: Catherine Lo  Publisher: Abram & Chronicle  Source: From Publisher Rating: 3/5 stars ( Amazon | Goodreads ) Book Summary: Only three students had access to a teacher’s racy photos before they went viral. There’s Mouse, a brainy overachiever so desperate to escape his father and go to MIT that he would do almost anything, legal or not. Then there’s Drew, the star athlete who can get any girl’s number—and private photos—with his charm but has a history of passing those photos around. And finally there’s Jenna, a good girl turned rebel after her own shocking photos made the rounds at school last year, who is still waiting for justice. All three deny leaking the photos, but someone has to take the fall. This edgy whodunit tackles hot-button issues of sexting and gossip and will have readers tearing th

A-Z of LGBTQIA+ Books

So almost four years I did a post about A-Z of UKYA LGBTQIA+ books and let's be real so much has changed in that time so it is time for an update! It is also LGBT History Month so it is good a time an any. George Lester has also done this a couple of times so feel free to check out his YouTube . Let's get started... A lex In Wonderland by Simon James Green  B loom by Kevin Panetta Once & Future by Amy Rose C apetta & Cori McCarthy  The Black Flamingo by D ean Atta Pet by Akwaeke E mezi F ence Volume 1 by P.S. Pacat Full Disclosure by Camryn G arrett H eartstopper by Alice Oseman  All The I nvisible Things by Orlagh Collins The Prince and the Dressmaker by J en Wang Lauren Dean K eeps Breaking Up With Me by Mariko Tamaki L ast Bus to Everland by Sophie Cameron  All The Bad Apples by M oira Fowley-Doyle N oah Can't Even by Simon James Green   O n A Sunbeam by Tillie Walden  P roud edited by Juno Dawson  Q ueens Of Geek by Jen Wilde

On Turning 23

So last year, I wrote a post called Turning 22 and about how my life was not ever-changing and that is was going to be a completely ordinary year. I wrote it. Kinda forgot about it but it took off. It still gets views now and this surprises me because it's so weird that people would find it interesting but they did. I normally post these on my birthday. But my birthday has long since gone, it was on the 23rd of January. However, I still get a calling to write this post because of what happened a little over a year ago but because this year is different. You see when I wrote the post last year I really thought that it was going to be an uninteresting year. I mean what really was going to happen? To me, it seemed like nothing. I was wrong. Like really wrong. A lot happened. I mean it didn't. My life didn't change. But my mind did. I discovered so much about myself last year and it was definitely not ordinary. I spend the majority of the summer depressed and my anxiety had got

Mini Book Reviews #7: Fire Colour One, A Pocketful of Crows, Everything All At Once

*I am reviewing these books which I was gifted for free by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. * Title: Fire Colour One Author: Jenny Valentine Publisher: Harper Collins Source: Netgalley Rating: 3/5 stars ( Amazon | Goodreads ) Book Review: Fire Colour One was a different type of story. Unique in its approach and was an interesting read and I would definitely like to read more from Jenny Valentine in the future especially as Valentine is an author that I remember seeing ever as a child but never read.  Fire Colour One was a book that took me a long time to read. It was a short book but I wouldn't blame it on the book. It was definitely my issue. I think that it did in many respects lose what the book was about but when I would pick it up again I would get into it a lot more.  I think that the plot was the thing that got me involved in the story. I did want to know what happened and I was quite engaged as well. The characters

A Small Change

Hi everyone,  It's so weird to write this because I was sure that I would keep up with the blog posts but I spent the majority of January witing my essays and starting my Research Project/Dissertation so that didn't happen. This is also why I didn't complete all the posts for my 12 or more days of Blogmas because I didn't have time although I did actually do 12 so that's something.  I have been taking this time to reflect on what I post and this was something that I think I mentioned before but I mean it this time.  Even though books and book reviews are a massive part of my life and this blog for almost 5 years and this is by no means going away, I want to change this up a little bit.  Like me as a person, I am not the same as I was 5 years ago and it's strange because I think that this is going to be a massive change in my life and that is something that I feel like it I would like to talk about so it's not just in my brain.  So expect more of th