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The Revolving Bookshelf

I feel like I should explain what I mean so here goes. Basically, this is just a fancy phrase for I unhaul a lot. Queue screams of panic where people say how can you get rid of books. 

Well I just can.

So where it did start you might ask? Well almost two years ago I moved which meant goodbye books. I was only aloud one book shelf in my room that doesn't allow for double stacking so cue the unhaul. Still isn't to say I didn't get rid of books before of course I did. Ones that didn't like, ones that I was no longer interested in or childhood books that I would never read. Let's face it if I wasn't interested away they go.

It has gone a bit far though. I do consistently go through my shelves to see which books I don't want anymore and which I don't. I promise you I am still interested in books and still have way many books, but it does help. I definitely have less books than I did which is good.

I just read a book and see if I want to keep it or not. A lot of the books I do give to charity or sell them on which is quite food for when I am poor as a student.

So why the revolving bookshelf. Well because my bookshelf always represents my favourites and ones that I want to read so that's good. 

It is safe to say that I will always be a serial unhauler and hopefully will continue to keep books that I love.

I hope that this all makes sense.

Do you unhaul books? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon,



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