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Thoughts I had while rereading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

So the last couple of months, I have detailing the thoughts I have had while reading Harry Potter and this will be the last one for a while as I haven't read past Goblet of Fire so let's get started...

  1. I feel sorry for Frank
  2. Milk Nagini?
  3. Although Wormtail is horrible, Voldemort is worse, he is torturing him by using the name that his friends gave him which is just so....
  4. Can I just ask how Lily and James Potter had a small fortune?
  5. Is it weird that Veela are mentioned before Fleur
  6. Harry sees them as almost inhuman
  7. Did they really think that Winky could cast the dark mark- really?
  8. I wish the Weasley's would take the money
  9. Calmly noted
  10. Also do they really think that Harry put his name in the Goblet of Fire. Like really.
  11. I love sassy Hedwig!
  12. Hufflepuff don't get much glory- yeah you can say that again...
  13. Snape is so cold...
  14. All the good one will be gone- really boys really
  15. Hermione is right! Personality all the way!
  16. Hermione is my spirit animal...
  17. Harry's teenage problems, so angsty
  18. Also, I'm a girl and I don't even know why girls go around in packs
  19. I mean toilets- there might be a troll there...
  20. Teen angst, AWKWARD!
  21. What is J.K. suggesting about Fleur and Roger?
  22. Is this the book where they have arguments because think it is?
  23. Dumbledore protects everyone
  24. I love Cedric so much
  25. His such a Hufflepuff though
  26. So much that it got him killed
  27. I am going to cry now
  28. The plots are so complex
  29. How does she do it?
  30. Dumbledore's speech though
  31. I love how Hermione has Rita Skeeter in a jar
  32. I am literally laughing so much
  33. How do I not remember this?
  34. Also, Hermione is amazing
  35. I love Harry sometimes
  36. The story begins...
See you soon,



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