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Thoughts I had while rereading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

1.       Is it weird that I am so happy for the Weasleys because of their trip
2.       Marge is such a bitch
3.       At points, I swear I can just sense the quotes coming
4.       I wonder why Harry does use Neville's name...
5.       If I were Harry, I would literally spend all my money is Diagon Alley
6.       I don't know why Harry is worried about money; he is rolling in it
7.       Mentions that Scabbers has only one toe, but that does not have anything
8.       The average house rat is only meant to last three years, but people don't question it
9.       Why is Lupin on the Hogwarts Express??
10.   Similarities to Hermione and McGonagall anyone?
11.   How comes no one let Harry go to Hogsmeade?
12.   Of course, I will not be in 3 places at once- all the time turners references!
13.   Beware a red headed man- Goblet of Fire?
14.   Trelawney can actually predict the future, but no one believes her....
15.   They actually say that Ron works for the Ministry! AH!
16.   The sass of Hermione and Trelawney
17.   Draco swaggered- why does this make me hate him
18.   Snape is so evil to Neville, and J.K. even calls it bullying yet nothing happens?
19.   That moon reference- a crystal ball really
20.   Why do the teachers think it is a good idea to let Hermione have a time-turner. The teachers know she is intelligent yes but really?
21.   How many times does Draco have to mention a dementor with Harry? Seriously Draco, it's getting old...
22.   He should have told Lupin about the black dog... Stupid Harry...
23.   I like the idea of having 1st and 2nd class owls...
24.   The Captain of Hufflepuff is Cedric Diggory. How did I not know this?
25.   OH foreshadowing- why does Snape hate Lupin I wonder?
26.   Still wetter than Harry had been in his life: why did I laugh
27.   They just lied that they don't like Hagrid's lessons. Poor Hagrid.
28.   Do you think Hagrid was changed by Azkaban?
29.   The drama!
30.   The fact that Dementors are references to mental health and depression is coming through so hard.
31.   Cho Chang as a Seeker and Captain how did I miss these references?
32.   Starts to sing Cho Chang from A Very Potter Musical
33.   -The Quidditch scene was so intense
34.   When you laugh out loud at a book is that a good sign
35.   Why does Crookshanks protect Sirius in PoA?
36.   Hermione is the only genius at Hogwarts siruisly   


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